AP Computer Science Tutoring

I can tutor your AP Computer Science student! As an expert tutor with experience helping Seattle high school students to do well in their AP Computer Science course, I am here to help your student master this subject. My one-on-one help will turn hours of frustration into efficient learning.

4 reasons why I am the right person to tutor your AP Computer Science student:

  1. I have years of experience helping students master this class.
  2. I am familiar with the instruction style and assignments of Seattle area teachers.
  3. I have industry experience using the Java programming language from my internship at Amazon.
  4. I use the principals from this class in my day-to-day work as a PhD student in a research lab at UW.


Currently not accepting new clients. Email me at aaron@ajaech.me for an
appointment or to make an inquiry.

Available to meet at University of Washington, in surrounding Seattle neighborhoods, or via Skype.

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